Zidanca med vinogradi

The vineyard cottage for rest and adventure

stoji na mirnem, sončnem vinorodnem območju, od koder je lep razgled na Gorjance, novomeško in krško kotlino ter precejšen del Kočevskega roga. Še posebno romantičen je večerni pogled na te razsvetljene kraje in vasi.

Heaven between vineyards

The wine cellar, which is build out of indigenous stone and clay bricks, is one of the main parts of the vineyard cottage. Here, the guest can pour himself the local wine Cviček and taste the homemade salami and bread platter, which is served as a welcome gift.

Upper floor

On the upper floor, which is made of wood, stone and clay bricks, the guest can find the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

The atmosphere of the cottage and the environment, together with some grilled food and a glass of wine, makes the guest feel relaxed and calm.

And as the day comes to an end the guest can find peace in the cozy wooden bedrooms on the top floor. These are air conditioned in the summer, and fireplace heated in the winter.

Where are we located

How to get to us?

The vineyard cottage lies in the area of Srednje Grčevje. It is 4 kilometers away from the village of Otočec and is accessible by asphalt road. The nearest airports are in Ljubljana and Zagreb. From Ljubljana airport take the motorway A2 in the direction of Novo mesto. Pass Novo mesto and take exit Novo mesto east (Novo mesto vzhod) and follow the local road in the direction of Otočec. When you reach the roundabout in the village of Otočec, take the exit Otočec north (Otočec sever) and turn right in the direction of the village Paha. After 3,5 kilometers you will reach the village Paha. Proceed to the chapel of st. Barbara and turn right. After 300 meters you will reach the vineyard cottage “Zidanca med vinogradi” on the left side of the road.

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For those who love nature and adventures

The environment, with its woods and vineyards, invites visitors to explore hiking trails and cycling routes. Besides that, the guest can find many one-day trips in the surrounding region.

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